The 10 best party hotels in Majorca

Majorca is a great destination for tourists as well as this city is popular for nightlife. There are lively bars and dance clubs. The nightlife here has something for everyone and you will not be disappointed but happy and satisfied during your stay in the city of Mallorca. Here are some famous party hotels in Mallorca and are listed below.


Tito is one of the best party hotels with a lot of facilities. This remarkable hotel is established in 1920 and contains a panoramic top roof where you can have chit chats group discussions events as well as you can celebrate your moments. Tito hotel has a beautiful theme that attracts visitors. It is one of the legendary nightclubs and provides DJ nightingales.

Jazz Voyeur club

In this amazing club, you can do a lot of fun things like listening to live music, karaoke, and a Cocktail bar where you can have a variety of soft and non-alcoholic drinks. A comfortable view of the hotel will give a soothing effect to your eyes. The hotel is decorated with flowers and fruit decorations. You can attend this hotel with your friends to enjoy leisure time. It was established in 1950.

Nikki Beach Club

It is one of the iconic hotels and considers best for summer beach pool parties. It has an outdoor swimming pool, restaurants, Saloon and Spa, and terrace facility.

Chakra bar

It is one of the top-rated hotels and is based upon an Indian theme. It has a classy interior that is made up of dark and vibrant colors that attract visitors. Cigar and tobacco items are available for the guests. Here you can enjoy a variety of mocktails and cocktails. It is established in 2015.

Chapeau 1987

It was established in 1987. One of the top-rated hotels on the internet serves their client with the best approach and a variety of menus including different beverages as well as cocktails and mocktails.